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Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini came to America in 1989 to study at RSE, a School of Ancient Wisdom.

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Her passion for knowledge brought her to Yelm Washington to study at RSE, the great school of the mind.
She is a visionary with a love for quantum science.
To master the limited human personality as well as the desire to explore and unfold into greater, more wonderful potentials is a driving force in her in this life.
Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini has been a professional translator/interpreter for over 30 years now. In 1991 however, to her surprise, a call from within urged her to start to paint. It was one of those unexpected moments in life that, if paid attention to, would open the door to a new adventure.

She listened to the voice that came from within, out of the blue, and as a result, it brought her a most fulfilling experience leading her into many profound understandings about the difference between inherited genetic disposition and the unlimited possibilites once we access different parts of the brain through focus.
The true understanding of what she was doing came through the knowledge she learned at RSE! Without that knowledge she could only have called it another unexplainable 'miracle'.

So since that memorable morning in 1991, she has created paintings for grown-ups and children; sometimes just based on a photo or a name.

Her interdimensional art has been displayed in healing places like clinics and public places like
galleries, stores and restaurants.





In 2007 Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini started her design of
Visionary Art Postcards:

Now her international customers are able to send a heartwarming thought to their friends all over the globe.
With each of her interdimensional ArtCards, the artist is integrating her unique acrylic art, photo art and digital art into one harmonious message that can uplift the world.  


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Two of her visionary paintings were chosen
as cover design for two Ramtha Books. 
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*Wonderful Doors to Great Realities*
Her paintings are appreciated
all over the world
by people from all walks of life.
These amazing
High Frequency Paintings enrich and uplift every environment
and support joyful evolution.









And Why Do they Say That Brigitte's paintings remind of ...

" You know your paintings remind somewhat 
of the wingmakers pictures."
                                           - Marjorie, Australia, Nov 25, 2005 

A Personal Message from Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini
"I have created my Art since 1991...
many years before any of us in Yelm became aware of the


"In fact, I created paintings that show motifs,
not only similar to the Wingmakers paintings
but at times astoundingly identical with them.
Nevertheless, I had no knowledge of them at the time

when I created my paintings.
Examples of my paintings can be seen on this page, 
and below are links to enlarged photos."

The Mind's Eye - Alpha, Omega and In Between - 
Journey of the Gods - Easter Island Legacy - Andromeda (Planet)

More about Brigitte

Her name *ADA*

Her surprising journey 
                           of becoming an artist

The wonderful frequency of
                           her Interdimensional Art

Her mystical introduction 
           - through a  Master in her dreams - 
           into the understanding of her Art.

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 A Tribute From Laura, Rome Italy
to Brigitte's Art



Customers and Artlovers about Brigitte's Visionary Art

"Absolutely beautiful and sublime art on this page, I must say! I love your idea of objects caught between dimensions, so otherworldly and yet comfortably human. 
The prism is such a worldwide symbol, yet you blind it in with the mists of time and space to make it something more. I find the theme of flowers integrating with outer space very beautiful as well, for it ties in all life with that great cosmos that extends beyond our view.

~ Ian Williams, Canada, 2008

"... Your irresistable artwork could draw in even the most skeptical and reluctant viewer!  You have inspired me - I have been deeply moved .... it has nourished my spirit! I am forever grateful to you - although we have never really met (at least in the human existence) :) because of the gentle and profound impact you have had on my Life - in this indirect way. Thank you again and  All the very BEST to YOU on your continuing Journey of Creation and 
Self- Realization and Expression of who You are! 
Most Sincerely, Heather Scopelli
  Heather Scopelliti,  2006

Dear Brigitte, Viewing your websites is pretty much a daily focus for me. Your art work is deeply moving and the music you selected is one with the text. I was thrilled to discover your Orb photography..." 
         ~ Ginny Nodzo, New York, 2008
(read more)

... oh god i am soo excited about your work...and your sites on the net ...are breathtaking.....i want to just stare and then buy it all....

and to know someone (who) can do that ....can make it visible...can make something so beyond what is possible to see with our eyes on this plane....and which our brains could never imagine as a mere mortal human being...and to capture it and make it real and immensely penetrating.. that is a gift....a gift beyond the scope of acceptability of our personalities and our efforts to accomplish such with what we are and know as "self" in its programmed capacity to express within the boundaries of fear, insecurity and lack... 

You MAKE US SEE ourselves different and take us to the place where WE ARE that thought and that life that we came from and can ride to anywhere and be anything as.... what a gift.            (read more)
                              ~ Marian Lancaster, Washington, 2008

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