Dream Big
Interdimensional Visionary ART

Brigitte *ADA* Silberhorn Tomassini

A Blessing For You.
Art that allows you to dream yourself
into greater realms of reality.

Art of Deep Mystery and High Frequency
Bridging Dimensions.
Art of the Deeper Mind.
Wild and Free and Lofty ... like the Wind.

Beautiful Triad-Paintings. Originals & Art-Prints

Discover the magic and beauty of this unique art, which
Brigitte*ADA*Silberhorn has been creating since 1991
in the ecstatic glitter of a deep trance.

The name *ADA* is added to her name in connection with her artwork.
represents her name from another time and place, which she became aware of in 1990 during a focus discipline.

As a result of that experience she signed some of her paintings in her early years with her name

The Stars are an intrinsic part of the name *ADA*.

*Wonderful Doors to Great Realities*
Her paintings are appreciated all over the world by people from all walks of life. These amazing High Frequency Paintings enrich and uplift every environment and support joyful evolution.

It has been an honor and a great joy for Brigitte having received so many wonderful stories from her customers
in all these years since she had started to paint in 1991. Yes, mystical experiences abound in the lofty presence of this art,and even after years, the owners of the paintings still discover new dimensions, new objects, new beings, new realities emerging from the depth of the paintings. Brigitte's paintings have always been about high frequency, quantum shifting and doorways to new realities.

*A Master in Her Dreams*
Many years ago an Ascended Master showed Brigitte in her dreams - to her amazement - the multidimensional aspects of her paintings, and the wonderful effect on the beholder of the paintings. She was shown the poetry and experienced the music that was frequency specific with each painting.

 *Art as a Blessing*
They make a difference. They have a profound message. They are radiant, vibrant, abundant, joyful Life, frequency-rich with the legacy of the greatness innate in every being. They are a blessing. They originate from a deeper level of mind.

This is the abstract art creating new experiences, new emotions!

Each painting radiates its own frequency-specific harmonics and poetry.
Each painting is a magnificent window of reality.
Each painting was a test she had to pass.

These visionary paintings make indeed meaningful and loving gifts for everyone, including yourself.

As she had explained way back in the 1990s:

Each thought is a vibratory frequency and each painting was created with the focus on very lofty thoughts, which equals lofty/high frequency.
It is important to choose consciously what we put on our walls as decoration, because everything radiates the frequency, energy and message of that particular painting and/or object.
The title of Brigitte's Paintings always tells you what she had focused upon, when she was painting.

Because of the fact that she had not learned how to paint, which means that in her "every day personality" she could not create a single painting, she had to shift into another State of Mind, a state of mind, that was One with the thought/title of the painting, thus she did NOT think about what to paint or how to paint that thought, but instead the frequency specific expression of that thought made itself known in oneness and was naturally flowing out of her hands.

Why is that a Blessing?
Because her paintings could not be created through her limited personality, (which wasn't able to paint), but in order for her to be able to create every single painting, she had to become the thought itself, she had to become the frequency, and then let that thought express itself on the empty canvas that was in front of her.

Nothing would happen if she didn't shift into this state of oneness with the thought. So the paintings are high-frequency paintings because Brigitte had to become one with the frequency and message of the painting in order to be able to create the painting.
(More will be written about this, including the quite funny story about  how she experienced the birthing of her very first painting).

It is no surprise that her customers have fallen in love with this unusual Interdimensional Art... although it did come as a total surprise to Brigitte, who, at the time when she started to paint, never EVER thought about publishing or selling any painting.

It all started because of those beautiful people who "happened" to see them at her home, and asked her to sell a painting to them. Not only that, they even insisted on buying "their painting". Her reply in great astonishment, "You want to buy it?" They did! ... and without any advertising people were magnetised and became happy owners of one or more paintings which seemed to have waited for them.

*Inner Calling*
So Brigitte had started to paint because she had heard an inner calling, but it had never occurred to her that people would ask her to sell her paintings. It took a while until she understood what exactly she was doing when she painted and why most of the people who saw them were so deeply touched by them.
It took a while until she realisedthe rather profound meaning of this Art. An Art, that came only into existence because of her training to become one with a thought, which is reflected in the title, and let a painting flow out of her onto an empty canvas and deliver something so beautiful, so unknown to her, so interdimensional.

*Hidden Treasure*
At this point in time there are only very few Original Paintings available, however, the very magical Triad-Paintings are indeed available as unique Triad-Artprints.
The "Holy Spirit, Omnipotent One!" has been displayed at a public place in Europe since 1996.
The "High Council of the 32 Masters" was on display in the RSE Store in Yelm.
For this particular painting, a very amazing singer and composer created an inspiring song which has yet to be published.
Two Paintings "Dreamland" and "Heavenly Symphony" were chosen to adorn the bookcovers of two Ramtha-Books, which are the German versions of the booktitles "Manifesting"   and   "Becoming".


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This Art has been a Hidden Treasure for many years and was only known to and acquired by a group of highly interested people from all over the world, by virtue of their daring pathfinder-attitude, who are headed for a great future,  who love the new and the uncommon and its call for expansion into the Unknown. And now, after a deliberate pause of several years, Brigitte's Interdimensional Art is continuing its natural destiny into worldwide publication.


*Come and Experience*
You don't just have to take her word for it. Go and find out for yourself, and venture into the quantum-experience of these paintings and go for the ride of freedom.
Come experience a reality of ecstatic, simple beauty, which beckons you into the adventure of quantum-magic and into the brilliant creation of a happy multidimensional life!

Oh, and by the way, to answer a frequently asked question: Yes, you can paint like this too! Everyone potentially can. Everyone can access this form of creativity, just like you can bilocate, heal yourself, remote view, and
Create your Day 
The question is, have you actualised it yet! And maybe for the time being you want to do other things -than painting.
Well, then, in the meantime, come delight in this creation that originates from a mind, where abstract mystery can flow like a river to the surface.
Come enrich your home and the world with this Art of Deep Mystery and High Frequency. 

*...Start to Paint!...*
Brigitte, who has been a professional translator
for over 20 years, didn't know she could paint ...
Then one fine day, she finally heard of Ramtha in 1988
and came to Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
the School of Ancient Wisdom, a quintessential School of the Mind, where she has been studying
true knowledge ever since, and applying it in her life ... And as a result of her inner evolution, and of the training of the mind,
on another fine day,
- "out of the silver" - she heard this divine voice inside, saying, "Start to Paint!!!" ---
"What ... me?... paint?... I don't think so!... You must be kidding!"

But the message from the Within was loud and clear:


And that's what she did! ... and a boundary-breaking, grand adventure was born!

*Her Wishes For You*

Photo © Brigitte Silberhorn-Tomassini

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Remind You That You Wanted To Make Known The Unknown!

Remind You That You Are Indeed An Interdimensional Being,

That You Are The Creator Of Reality

Through Your Thoughts, 

That There Is Much More To You Than What Meets The Eye, 

That You Are Loved!

Photo © Brigitte Silberhorn-Tomassini

May The Blessings Of This Website

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"The greatest things are achieved
in a light heart"

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