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Original Paintings - Interdimensional Art by Brigitte *ADA* Silberhorn Tomassini

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Art That Makes You Dream

Paintings, created in deep focus on the title/theme of the paintings. These paintings are unique. They were created by accessing the deeper mind. By being one with the thought/title, Brigitte let the painting flow out of her hands onto the canvas. Nothing was pre-conceived. The paintings unfolded from the Unknown. Each painting and design was an initiation, a test into the Deeper Mind.

Brigitte's paintings have always been greatly inspired by Ramtha, in fact, they would not exist without the focus discipline taught by Ramtha! 
Through Ramtha's specific focus discipline,  Brigitte learned how to focus on a thought and become one with it, and let it express itself on the canvas.

Ramtha® is a registered trademark of JZ Knight. Used with permission.

"When I paint (and when I create any art design), I am in a trance, focused on the title and I let the painting flow out of my hands.
Nothing on the painting is preconceived, it all unfolds by itself while I am simply in a focused trance. My job as the artist is to surrender to the process and let the thought of each painting, which is expressed in its
title, unfold itself on the canvas.

Since I started to paint in 1991, I have always been on an adventure into the unknown with each painting because each painting challenged me to let the thought that I held in my frontal lobe guide my hands in order to bring forth the painting.
Magic happened on the canvas and I've always been in a great ecstasy when I paint.
However, when I lost my focus, the story of the painting did not continue. Nothing happened and it all stopped. Once I was in a focused trance again, it started to flow and continue again.

From creating my art, I have learned a lot about focus and about how to move forward into the unknown in my life in a surrendered state of mind ... a mind that is simply focused on the goal, dream, vision of what it wants to create and to experience next, and lets the body move towards the desired reality."

~ Brigitte Silberhorn Tomassini

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Currently available Original Paintings

Isis-Osiris-Initiation (Original Painting)
Isis-Osiris-Initiation (Original Painting)

No. 79 Ancient Treasure, 2000
Ancient Treasure
(Original Painting)




Original Paintings since 1991
(All in Private Collection)

No. 77  My Story, My Wisdom - 1999

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More of the altogether 80 original paintings will be displayed here soon.

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No. 53  Journey of an Initiate - 1994 No. 38  Land of Enchantment - 1993/1994 No. 50  Goddess of Moonlight - 1993 No. 76  Blue Star Painting - 1996
No. 78  My Journey, My Ascension - 1999 No. 63  Journey of a Lemurian Warrior - 1994 No. 51  Fly with the Wind or The Cup of Freedom
No. 65  The Magi's Wisdom - 1995 No. 31 Blue Ecstasy - 1993 No. 13  Roof of the World  - 1992 No. 69  Interdimensional Doors - 1996
No. 58  Reunion of the Soul - 1994 No. 56  Easter Island Legacy - 1994 No. 11 The Power of Consciousness - 1992 No. 45 The Mind's Eye - 1993

No. 66  World of Humble Greatness - 1995

No. 12  Kingdom of Ashana - 1992 No. 70 Ancient Memory Fulfilled in the Now - 1996 No. 24  ANDROMEDA - THE  PLANET - 1993
No. 25  Christ Consciousness - 1994 No. 61  Dawning of Enlightenment - 1994 No. 33  Beyond the Veils - 1993 No. 22  Rising Kundalini  - 1993
No. 7  Realms of Reality - 1991 No. 43  Resurrection of the Dreamer - 1993 No. 41  Magic Appears - 1993 No. 49  Ancient Land of Lemuria - 1993
No. 34 & 67  Riding the Wave of Freedom -1993/1995 No. 37  The Hierophant - 1993 No. 8  120 Days Teachings at Mount Indus - 1991 No. 40  Pure Elegance - 1993
No. 2  Triad - 1991 No. 47  Completed Journey of the Master - 1993 No. 9  Temple of the Silver Wing - 1992 No. 3  Alpha, Omega and In-Between - 1991
No. 30  Fire Within - 1993 No. 54  Mystical Waters of Life - 1994 No. 16  Andromeda - The Ship  1992/94 No. 19  Andromeda - Galaxy 1993
No. 49  Ancient Land of Lemuria - 1993 No. 5  Journey of the Gods - 1991 No. 1  The Universe - 1991  

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