Dream Big
Interdimensional Visionary ART
Mugs with a Mission ! They Make You Smile !
"BE YOUR DREAM" Ceramic Mug 11 oz          

"I AM FILLED WITH JOY" Ceramic Mug 11 oz

You are creating reality, while you are sipping your morning coffee or morning tea, just by looking at this beautiful cup and its message, which says,
"I am Happy. I am Wise. I am Wonderful.
I am Filled with JOY."

Now go and enjoy your day!


"Blue Star HEALTH / WEALTH" Ceramic Mug 11 oz

The Blue Star has two words embedded  that represent something that each of us always desires to have and to be: HEALTH and WEALTH.

Take this mug from your shelf and let it help you refocus so that you stay in the lofty frame of mind that brings forth health and wealth.

To Health!
To Wealth!


"BE YOUR DREAM" Ceramic Mug 11 oz

"Be Your Dream.
You Are Wonderful."

A sweet and dreamy, loving and
powerful inspiration to be that
which we want to make happen.

What a great gift for children and
grown-ups. What a lofty reminder.


"SILVER LIFE 32 Mothership" Ceramic Mug 11 oz


Text on one side:
I have always been in Contact with the Silver Life Ship.
I have always belonged to the Future.

The design shows the mothership coming from space bringing the Star with them for joy, love, peace, and enlightenment of earth.
When you want to feel 'connected' and prepare for 'contact', then this is your cup to start the day with or to go to slumber with some hot tea.


"I AM WONDERFUL, I AM A GENIUS" Ceramic Mug 11 oz

This playful ceramic mug will remind you throughout the day of what's really important:

That you are Wonderful and that you are a Genius.
Need a break?

Take this cup, reinvent yourself and DREAM BIG!



Feel close to Yelm with every sip from this enchanting Yelm in Ancient Lemuria Mug.

Close your eyes and you'll experience Yelm and Ancient Lemuria when drink from this cup.


More designs have already been created and will be added to this page soon! Please come back often!

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